July is named after the almighty Julius Caesar. It also marks the Dalai Lama’s birthday and Independence Day. For Bastille Day I’ve included this picture of me in Paris drinking diet coke (so frenchy, so chic.. and American). AND we are celebrating the landmark legalisation of gay marriage in the US this month! I’ve deemed it a month of power, pride and independence here at London Fields Fitness Studio.

So… I’ve got some french guys singing about New York, a New York gal singing about french kissing, and some guys in hard hats and indian headdresses singing about the YMCA (where I got my Personal Training Qualifications ;-)). The exercises i’ve included this month are all about building strength.

Tip 1: Physical strength is more often than not a brilliant stepping stone to mental and emotional strength. You will be amazed what a strong core will do for your posture, self esteem and an all round sense of self-assuredness. Having that core strength can help us feel confident and strong going into job interviews, awkward first dates, meeting the in-laws, talent quest performances, or any other high pressure situations.

Tip 2:  For any of you considering bodybuilding, be aware of some of the health risks… there are some studies linking heavy lifting and steroid use with heart problems, so try to steer clear of drugs and remember to keep doing your cardio exercises! Also there is no need for crazy diet depravations -ever. Keep your skin moisturised and stay hydrated to avoid stretch marks and go easy on the protein! (for obvious poo related jokes)

Tip 3: Too much of anything (even a good thing) is never good. Variation and moderation is key (especially with diet and exercise). Don’t waste your life in a gym (like me!) or miserably picking at rabbit food (not like me). Stay toned, strong, healthy and lean but remember to go out and enjoy yourself!

Arnold Press London Fields Fitness Studio

Arny’s Arms

This is commonly known as the “Arnold Press”. Like the man says “the best activities for your health are humping and pumping”! 

In a seated position, preferably with your back supported, hold a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing out, elbows bent, next to your torso. Raise the dumbbells as if doing a bicep curl, and as you get toward your chest rotate your arms to face forward. Then lift and fully extend both arms above your head. Pause, and lower to the starting position, using the same motion in reverse. There’s a billion youtube videos of this if you want to see it in action. Or if you just want to watch Arny doing his thang to sexy tunes. Do 30 presses, pausing every ten.

Bardot Butt Bridges London Fields Fitness Studio

Bardot Buns
…and god created woman! Here we have Brigitte’s “butt bridges” for tight buns.

Lie on the floor, facing up, with your knees bent, feet hip width apart, hands by your side. Lift your hips up, keeping a straight back. Pause, and lower back down. You can try extending one leg at a time straight to the ceiling as you raise and lower your hips. Try 10 lifts on each leg, 3 times.

Freddie Mercury London Fields Fitness Studio

Mercury in Motion
We all know Freddy liked a bit of wood… here we have “The Woodchop”. This is an excellent exercise for sexy hairy abs (as seen in the picture).

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, toes turned out slightly, back flat, knees in line with your feet, thighs almost parallel with the floor.  Hold a dumbbell (with both hands) to the outside of one thigh, twisting your torso, and then lift up the opposite side of your body arms extended above your head, coming to stand as you do, lifting on to your toes, twisting and engaging the core. Repeat this motion 10 times on both sides, and repeat that sequence 3 times.

It’s been a crazy busy month here at the studio and lots of exciting developments and changes taking place I can’t wait to share with you! So stay tuned and drop on in!

Best, Sapan.

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