If you’re new, I’d like to introduce you to The London Fields Method. This is my specially devised style of training which concentrates on body-weight exercises anyone and everyone can do anywhere, anytime, equipment free. You shouldn’t have to splash out oodles of cash on fancy equipment or gym memberships to get fit and stay fit. It’s also a lifestyle attitude; to have fun, get involved, and not be too hard on yourself. Why deprive yourself of the joy of an occasional slice of chocolate cake. So, I started this blog in February with fitness and health tips, exercises, workout playlists and more for all my London Fields FitFam to enjoy. Below is my theme for September, the almighty sleep and sustainability. I’ve also included a mini ab workout you can do in the lounge while you watch Strictly Come Dancing.

Sleep: Now that Summer is truly over and you’ve brought out your One Direction themed duvet, make sure you aren’t over heating. Studies have shown that maintaining a slightly cooler temperature makes for a better night’s sleep. It’s also been suggested that sleeping in a cool room could have calorie burning health benefits by increasing stores of metabolically active brown fat. This “brown fat” (gross) helps your body burn calories and dispose of excess blood sugar… Yipee! Considering we spend a third of our lives asleep, enjoy it!  The number one factor in reaping the benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise is a good quality full night’s sleep. It will all come together! So get the temp. right in your room, make your bed a haven and enjoy!

When you make big lifestyle changes, make sure they are healthy and sustainable changes that you can embrace life-long. If your exercise regime or diet is too extreme you’re only going to fall off the wagon and potentially give up. Make changes that you can keep up with happily, healthily, little by little towards a long term ultimate goal. Applying this sustainability sentiment to the studio, we’ve made a few environmentally friendly changes!  We swapped our wasteful paper towels with re-usable microfibre towels, sorted out our recycling bins properly AND we just replaced our lightbulbs with LEDs. Apparently they can save up to 90% of energy used… Love a cheaper electricity bill :-). Just like cutting down on refined sugars, or committing to a weekly fitness class, we can all make small and sustainable improvements towards a greater goal of optimal well-being, personally, environmentally or otherwise.

TV Ab Workout
Serious ab work-out which you can make as hard or easy as you need, but if you do them properly – expect abs of steel!! AND as you can see from the pictures it is entirely possible to do this sequence in your pyjamas from the comfort of home whilst laughing at Jeremy Vine’s awesome moves on Strictly Come Dancing!

The Scissors: Lie flat on your back, both feet together, pointed toward the ceiling, then one by one lower each leg as far as it can go toward the floor while keeping the other leg straight, in a scissors motion. Keep your hands behind your head, elbows bent, head and top of the shoulders slightly lifted, tuck your chin in, and engage your core


The Kriss-Kross: Lie flat on your back, bring both legs up together toward the ceiling and then criss-cross them down towards the ground, one foot over the other, and when you get to the sweet spot where it hurts too much -start raising your legs back toward the ceiling, still criss-crossing. Again, keep your hands behind your head, elbows bent, head and upper shoulders slightly lifted, tuck your chin in, and engage your core.


The Rocky: Also known as a V-Sit. Sit on the floor, back straight and bring your knees into your chest, with your hands either raised straight up above your head or crossed across your chest. Push your two feet/legs straight out in front of you, using your abs, and then bring them back in.


Repeat each exercise at least 20 times, and repeat the entire sequence at least 3 times. Enjoy!
See you all at the studio soon!
Best, Sapan. x

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