Hey Monsters,
I hope you’ve had a killer few weeks at the studio thus far and all your limbs are on fire! Looking forward to seeing your costumes at my FREE Freak-Out-Workout! on Halloween Saturday 31st October, 11am sharp (or you die). Make sure you register your name to info@londonfieldsfitness.com, it’s gonna be crazy busy full of zombies like the Thriller music video. Here’s some tips for the day and some spooky exercises.

  1. Don’t wear latex nurse outfits, a sheet with holes, or wrap yourself in loo roll. Do come as Donald Trump. Check 10 Lazy and Lecherous Last Minute Halloween Costumes for some laughs.
  2. Don’t gobble all the kids sweets while they’re not looking this halloween, ending up with a tummy ache. Do yourself a favour and make some Healthy Halloween Treats. Enjoy!
  3. If you’re going out trick or treating and drinking up a storm, try and burn off all the sugar in those beverages by setting the dancefloor on fire!

If you wanna be badass like Jamie Lee Curtis or Buffy The Vampire Slayer… You want to make it to episode 8 of a horror film and be considered for the reboot… (See “Horror Movies That Desperately Need a Reboot…Like, Now”). You will need speed, strength and stamina, so you can get away and fight to live another day! The below sequence done together will just do that!

The Jason Crawl (aka Mountain Climbers): 20 seconds.
As if you’re being dragged by your hair and trying to break free! Get into a full press up position on the ground and bring your knees (alternating left and right) in towards your chest in a running/climbing motion.

Lara Croft Tuck Jumps: 20 seconds
From standing, jump as high a you can, tucking your knees in to your chest, like your jumping over a baddie in a video game.

Helen Shivers Pageant Queen Chase: 10 x 10 Metre Sprints
Run for your life!!! Sprint back and forth down the street or in the park (in daylight so you don’t knock anyone down or scare anybody please:-)).

Repeat until you die!


Laters, Alligators!

P.S 2/11/15 It was a roaring success! 50 Fitness Freaks! And enough donations to buy 100 Emergency blankets for Syrian Refugees arriving in Greece! Well done! Video coming soon 🙂 In the meantime here’s a few pics… our favourite lady Donna in her ‘specially purchased for the occasion’ Rita Ora bone leggings and blood drenched glasses and the Aussie lads with their 6 packs and homemade pumpkin-dumb-bells! Too bad they lost the rugby world cup later that day haha.


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