Storms, floods, blizzards, lightning and gale force winds… there’s no denying that winter is here. So, how do you stay fighting fit in the cold, grey and wet? Below are some little tips and a routine you can do by the fireplace in a onesie listening to East 17’s Stay Another Day.

1. Try indoor cycling! It’s a great low impact cardiovascular exercise where you can burn up to 600 calories or more in a 45 minute session. You can simulate the joy of cycling down broadway market on a sunny day from the warmth and comfort of a Spin Studio, with the added bonus of a nightclub style scenario of disco lights, pumping tunes and sweaty people in lycra! 😉

2. Our in-house Personal Trainer & Nutritionist Mallika has suggested a cheap, classic, home-made remedy for warding off the first shivers of a cold. Steep ginger in hot water overnight, and add freshly squeezed lemon juice to it in the morning. If you have a Nutri-bullet you can blend an entire lemon (rind included) with the ginger, steep it and then sieve to get the bits out. Limonene (found in the rind) can stimulate immune system activity, while ginger (the miracle worker) has anti-inflammatory, pain-killing, nerve-soothing and antibacterial properties. I can’t believe it’s not butter!

3. If you’re a wild horse who must roam freely and can’t resist open air training and/or running in the cold, I’d suggest reading up at the Mayo Clinic for safe ways to do it, like dressing in layers and protecting your extremities. Similarly, when you’re leaving my classes drenched in sweat, gasping for breath, for dear life, make sure you rug up before you get into the cold, before your body temperature starts to drop. And please use the hand sanitiser provided at the gym (aka the germ bank) to avoid getting and giving lurgies.


JPC (Jack/Push/ Climb) Onesie Workout
Just like Ryan Gosling and Ellen, but without the TV and Fancy Equipment and adding a fireplace or dodgy old heater for romantic wintery effect… do one jumping jack, followed by a push-up. Then do one mountain climber (pull in each leg to your chest). That’s one rep.

Duration: As many reps as you can fit into to 20 seconds. That’s one round. Ten to go.
Rounds: 10
Rest: 10 seconds between each round

Repeat for 5 minutes. This will burn off excess calories like hot cakes, and definitely stop your toes from getting frostbite, especially in the onesie!



BTW- 29 Reasons Why East 17’s Stay Another Day Is The Greatest Christmas Music Video of All Time

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