21 Days in to January, how are we going folks? Clambering for a glass of wine? Staring with intense desire at the last box of christmas chocolates sitting on top of the fridge? Waking up to a cold dark sky at 7am to go to a Yoga HIIT class? Then well done, you’re a hero, even if just for one day. I always stress to my clients how important it is to set realistic short term goals, within larger long term goals. This way you’ll stay motivated and feel rewarded with each achievement along the way.

Below are 3 mini-routines you can do at home in between classes or cups of tea for a quick blast. The LFF team has put together a New Years Resolutions Mixtape for your workouts. In wake of Bowie, we’ve included a few motivational classics from the man himself. We can be heroes! He speaks the truth my friends.


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